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Reasons to visit the Bunta Bar in CP

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘bunta’?


We know; the good-old times when bunta was the only refreshing summer drink we had access to!


Well, how can you forget the road-side vendors serving refreshing bunta or carbonated lemon water in glass bottles with a marble on the top!


If you’ve loved your ‘bunta’ days and are looking for an amazingly cool place to enjoy your bunta times, then we present to you ‘The Bunta Bar’.

Before we begin the Bunta Bar story, here are some details about this nostalgia-clicking bar –


It is a cafe-type restaurant serving a wide variety of cuisines – Chinese, Italian, North Indian and Fusion.

The restaurant opens at 12:00 PM and closes at 12:30 AM, and the approximate cost for 2 here is ₹ 2000.


Here’s the address for you-


2nd Floor, 76, Janpath Market, Connaught Place, Central Delhi, Delhi- 110001


Not to forget, here are some restaurant features that deserve-a-mention-


  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Serves alcohol and cocktails
  • Smoking Area
  • Rooftop
  • Live music & karaoke
  • Dance floor
  • Wifi
  • Live sports screening


What’s so special about the place?

Bunta Bar has come up with a unique and innovative theme, which can be seen in its beverages, food and ambiance too!


Theme of the place


Bunta Bar draws inspiration from those classic bottled ‘buntas’ found at roadside thelas. The place has been decked up with a total of 4500 bunta bottles with wooden interiors. The quirky touch is added by LED lit bunta bottles and the DJ console shaped as a truck. The rooftop area is an added attraction in here. In short, the Bunta Bar is a great place to enjoy, revel, celebrate and unwind. And if you are a music lover, then you surely need to feel the Bunta Bar groove.


Time for drinks


The bar menu leaves you intrigued! Great choices, great drinks and great prices, what more can you ask for! Starting with bunta cocktails – Kaala khatta vodka, masala bunta vodka, and more, priced at just ₹300! In-house cocktails with one-of-a-kind names – Jalta gin, Baba ji ki booti, Baba rumdev, and more priced at just ₹400, along with beers, shots, spirits, and wines; this place is sure to satiate everyone who loves a good drink.  


Must-Try –  Aam Panna, Kala Khatta, Litchi Zeera, Dhappa, Classic Desi, and Baba Rum Dev.


What’s on the food menu?


The menu showcases an interesting mix of flavors spanning from Bengal to Goa and even Mumbai. Some delicious and must-have dishes on the menu are – Chingri Cutlet served with Kashundi (Bengali mustard sauce), Goan fish and Naga smoked pork. The quirkiest section of the menu is the flat bread (pijja) section. Palak paneer in veg and mutton keema and cream cheese in non-veg, are the must-have pijjas here!


Must-Try – Chingri Cutlet, Jimmikand Shami, pijja (pizza), Bunta Butter Chicken and Mishtaan Bhandar Sundae


With great ambiance, a nostalgic theme, innovative food and experimental drinks, you have reasons galore to check-in at the Bunta Bar!


Restaurant Bar Furniture – Fascinate Your Buyers Through Black

You will find lots of particulars to consider once the matter would be to decorate a restaurant added having a bar. A restaurant owner is answerable to convince the shoppers somewhere and host the restaurant however. if this reaches to create the restaurant, it reaches necessary to speak about the inside from the restaurant because everybody has become aware than ever before and so they estimate the value of the place from the development and also the expression of sophistication being created there. If you have allotted space to build up a bar in the food business then you’ve got to be harsh concerning the restaurant bar furniture.

It might be hard to arrange a restaurant along with a bar concurrently plus there is involve individuals approaches through which it’s possible to offer convenience to themself combined with the workforce concerning the repair off decoration. Of these approaches, just one is using black tinted restaurant bar furniture. In situation you undertake this method you’d be attaining two major benefits. You are able to organize furniture searching good and neat plus a attraction for the buyers.

Let’s talk of the initial advantages which relates to fascinate most effective and quickest by using black tinted restaurant bar furniture. Research on black shade describes that black shade has got the capacity to take all of the shades contained in white-colored light plus it displays no shade. Determined by this systematic truth, it’s assumed that black may be the colour of attraction also it is able to keep the attention of individuals greater than other colors. If you use black then it is certain to you that the buyers is going to be enticed for your place. An additional benefit is the fact that black shade has got the feature to obtain adjusted with the majority of the color strategies. In situation you’re thinking about that black isn’t too classy color then you definitely must discover most restaurants are utilizing ebony furniture because of its distinctive benefits and they’re receiving superb results. Whatever continues to be stated within the lines above, could be justified with the aid of research on the internet.

If you’re searching to purchase restaurant bar furniture check out and look for our huge selections and great value deals.

A Few Good Marketing Tips for an Ice Cream Shop

Marketing an Ice Cream shop can be fun and rewarding. First, you need to start with a good logo that looks appealing, says Gelato Products. You want to use colors and shapes that remind people of ice cream, so that they automatically have that association when they see the brand’s logo.

Ice cream companies can use custom printed cups to spread the word about the ice cream shop. The logo along with an attractive design thatm corresponds to the marketing campaign should be printed on the cup. Again, it’s all about making people automatically think of tasty ice cream.

The ice cream business should give out free samples to poptential customers walking by. This draws in customers. If the store sells frozen yogurt too, it could give out small frozen yogurt cups to people walking by the store. Also, the staff should be welcoming, polite, and friendly. You want everyone to try the ice cream, because it really should be a delicious and finely tuned product, as well.

Overall, marketing ice cream is all about spreading the word about a great product. Use flyers, websites, signs, and commercials to get the word out. Have a warm environment inside the store where people can come and relax to eat ice cream. Having a good product is just the start. Getting the word out should be something you do constantly. Ice cream supplies for marketing with good design are essential to the success of the ice cream company.

Restaurants in Southampton

Southampton’s docks have lengthy been a preferred place to go for worldwide vacationers, which global influence is apparent within the diversity of their cuisine, which provides coverage for from traditional British meals to Indian, Spanish, Asian along with other culinary influences. There is a restaurant that may satisfy the most discriminating tastebuds in Southampton.

Obviously, towards the top of their email list of Southampton restaurants are fine dining venues like the Atlantis Bar Restaurant, Tonic Bar & Kitchen and Bleu, among the newest sensations around.

The Atlantis Bar Restaurant is famous for serving Southampton’s prime culinary niche — fresh fish. The a la carte menu is stuffed with a comprehensive choice of new ways to prepare, including serving it as being the most popular Bretonne fish soup. Another niche of the home is Poole Oysters. Atlantis Bar Restaurant includes a great atmosphere for enjoying delights in the deep, blue ocean.

Tonic Bar & Kitchen is a perfect venue for any light lunch and, possibly, a couple of perfectly mixed martinis. So far as cafes go, that one is really a notch or more that beats all others. They likewise have an outside terrace, which is a perfect place to relax and watching the planet pass. House specialties include sea food kebabs tuna melt Panini and southern baby back ribs.

Bleu may be the latest Grill and Wine Gallery in Southampton. Your meals are superb and also the ambiance is light, exuding a homey feeling among the current and classy decor. However this restaurant’s primary claim that they can fame is its exquisite wine gallery, where visitors can pick from a remarkable assortment of over 40 kinds of wine. These wines have been carefully selected to boost the dining experience, particularly when offered with meat and sea food meals.

Visiting vegetarians may also feel at home in Bleu, with a delectable variety of vegetable-cantered dishes and complementary desserts for example bread and butter pudding and apple pancakes with caramel sauce.

If you are selection of dining venues leans for the more relaxed, the area to patronize is Radley’s Bar & Restaurant. Found on Regent Street, Radley’s exudes a casual air inside a sophisticated setting. It is the perfect spot for diners who wish to dress yourself in casual attire but nonetheless notice a classy culinary experience. Your meals are great featuring an array of a la carte dishes. House specialties include Thai crab cakes and sweet chilli beef. And possibly probably the most surprising factor relating to this restaurant is its prices. Be assured this meal won’t break your budget.

For that more adventurous vacationers preferring unconventional dishes from various lands, Southampton has its own share of slight different restaurants to counter what may sometimes appear such as the same boring and foreseeable food. Here is a narrow your search of the greatest such venues.

To begin with, check out Los Marinos in the Canute’s Pavilion. Their Spanish Tapas bar is great and also the perfect place for those who wish to sample several small , exotic dishes. Vacationers with discriminating palates will probably find something they really enjoy here. House specialties include fish and sea food tapas. Additionally there is a number of delights for vegetarians, too.

Are you currently keen on spicy Indian food? That’s just what the Spice asia restaurant provides. Found on Commercial Road, this famous Indian restaurant includes a rare and refreshing atmosphere that can make a tourist feel precisely that he’s in another place. House specialties include several meat, curry, Balti and Dhansak dishes in addition to a quantity of vegetarian delights.

Now, if you are within the mood for something truly different, try the bizarre Asian cuisine at Gurkha Chef. Found on City Road, that one-of-a-kind restaurant features cuisine that’s cooked that old Nepalese way — on clay ovens. House specialties include chicken in yogurt (referred to as Agena Ko Kukhura) and also the Kathmandu favourite, Dolkha Ko Raksi.

Vegetarians must be careful about where you can eat in Southampton since there are very little veggie-only restaurants around. Their safest option is to dine at a few of the exotic restaurants in order to go Indian or Thai. A couple of your very best choices the flavour of Thailand or even the Olive Tree Restaurant.

The Flavour of Thailand has several veggie cuisine and most of the regular dishes too for the meat-eating buddies. This really is really probably the most fun restaurants around, with live bands performing regularly during the night.

Meanwhile, the Olive Tree Restaurant offers an explosion of Mediterranean food. Found on Regent Street, the Olive Tree serves excellent veggie dishes cooked inside a distinctively Mediterranean manner. Veggie your meals are offered having a generous dose of Virgin Essential Olive Oil and Zoysia mozzarella.

One of the vegan cafes around, Allsorts Psychic Coffee shop needs to rank among the best. Found on Carlton Place, Allsorts has several vegan savouries in addition to healthy teas and occasional.

Good Low Calorie Recipes Factors

Although it’s encouraged you don’t be dependent predominantly on rapid weight loss, also generally named as quick weight reduction, there are many those who do. It may be essential nevertheless, to know the important part wholesome, low-calorie recipes participate in the method.

If you’re intrigued in slimming down, as quickly as probable, you will probably need to carry on studying.

Among the numerous strategies which you’ll begin obtaining a fat fat loss or fast fat loss is as simple as reducing the food products that you just consume. . ! When lowering the foods you eat, it really is essential that you simply only decrease your intake a little bit bit. Sadly, multiple people who would like to acquire rapidly fat loss think that they must need to give up eating completely, whether or not it’s for just two or 72 hours. That’s some factor which you don’t need to complete. When you resume consuming once more, you’ll most likely get all your extra fat back, nearly completely by itself. It truly is also essential to point out that depriving oneself is harmful for your wellness.

With decreasing the foods you eat, it really is recommended that you simply lower the quantity of candies or unhealthy food that you simply consume . For fast fat loss, you will probably want to completely eradicate junk food out of your diet, whether or not it is actually just for a short period of time. This signifies that for a moment desire a snack, you need to get an apple or perhaps an orange instead of a treat or simply a plastic candy. With sugary snacks & other desserts being full of calories, you might notice a considerable reduction in the amount you eat through the elimination of them from your daily diet.

Workout is really a different strategy which you might start reaching quickly fat loss. The factor about dealing with workout to acquire quickly fat loss is it truly is some bit challenging. With workout, you might not watch a considerable weight reduction proper way. For instance, it often takes most people a minimum of a complete couple of weeks to acknowledge a enhancement inside their appeal by utilizing workout. Knowing that, balance more overweight you’ll be, the faster you may visit a decrease in your excess fat , usually rapidly.

In line with exercise to reduce extra fat , being active is necessary to dropping pounds , because it helps you to restrict your calorie absorption. Should you shed calories, using workout, your personal body assimilates significantly less calories. This is just what causes it to be achievable to suit your needs to reduce fat .

Despite the fact that the first although may be to begin performing exercises around probable, appropriate away, you can need to avoid transporting out so. In case you aren’t normally physically active, it’s ideal to start out slow. Another the large choice of numerous implies that you could possibly accomplish fasts weight reduction or fast weight reduction is while using the a purge. These flushes are generally observed as colon flushes or weight reduction flushes. Cleanses function through the elimination of toxins and extra weight, really waste, out of your system. It has been stated that the majority individuals have at the minimum seven or 8 pounds of waste stashed in their physiques. Fat loss reduction cleanse or possibly a colon purge should assist remove individuals contaminants from your entire body.

If you undertake to test a colon purge or perhaps a fat loss purge, that will help you accomplish a rapid loss of weight, it truly is critical to know all instructional materials presented to you. Several cleanses possess a strict diet you need to stay with.

Which are more effective weight reduction, you can want to look at fluid cleanses, rather of individuals in tablet types, because they frequently make the swiftest results. Discover to find out if these will probably be secure with a few low-calorie recipes. These quick fat loss ideas may well assist you to obtain quickly weight reduction, whether or not this really is just a small fat loss. Like a admonition, it’s very important to continue but be cautious. . .

Whether it is the correct time to obtain low-calorie recipes, you have to visit Low-calorie Recipes for that alternative for pretty much all of your recipe dilemmas. . !

Jennifer Lawrence Flashes New Ring on Engagement Finger While Dining with Boyfriend Nicholas Hoult

Jennifer Lawrence was photographed departing the Chilton Firehouse restaurant and bar within the Marylebone section of London, England on Thursday evening (April 24, 2014). The 23-year-old actress was became a member of by her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult and designerOrfilm maker Tom Ford throughout the outing. The trio exited the restaurant after having a top-knotch dinner from Portuguese chef Nuno Mendes together.

Jennifer Lawrence covered her curves inside a black jumper along with a beige coat. The Oscar-winning star accessorized her ensemble having a gold belt to intensify her waist, EF Collection earrings along with a Dolce & Gabbana Intaglio bag. She used minimal makeup and stored her short haircut retracted behind her ears to accomplish her appearance. Meanwhile, Tom Ford, who secretly get wed together with his boyfriend Richard Buckley after 27 many years of dating, chosen a white-colored T-shirt combined with an easy black blazer. Her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult went more casual inside a dark jacket and pants.

Earlier within the day, Jennifer Lawrence and her love were also spotted enjoying lunch in a local Italian restaurant in North London pub. The lovebirds were apparently in great spirits because they joked and chuckled very happily while spending time together. “The Hunger Games” star even exhibited her new ring around the engagement finger during her outing together with her love interest Nicholas Hoult.

Jennifer Lawrence left the Chilton Firehouse restaurant and bar within the Marylebone section of London, England on Friday (April 24, 2014). She was supported by designer Tom Ford (left) while her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult trailed in it. (Photo credit: Splash News)

Jennifer Lawrence was outfitted inside a black jumper along with a beige coat on her evening out on April 24, 2014. The American actress accessorized her outfit having a Dolce & Gabbana Intaglio bag along with a vivid turquoise ring on her behalf engagement finger.

The lovebirds held hands because they required a stroll in North London. The youthful actress looked stylish inside a wide brimmed burgundy Fedora, jeans and jackets while her co-star selected a windbreaker jacket, loose fitting jeans and trainers. (Photo credit: Xposure)

Jennifer Lawrence and her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult looked greatly for each other because they enjoyed lunch together on Thursday (April 24, 2014). (Photo credit: Xposure)

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